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International Women’s Day 2019

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March 8th saw us celebrate International Women’s Day. In the lead up, we put a call out to our WHWS community, for contributions of any kind, to see what the women in our area have been up to. We were so pleased with the contributions sent in and we really thank each of you who took the time to share with us your talents. We received such wonderful feedback and the overall consensus was a big “We have some seriously talented women in our community” Read on to see the beautiful variety of entries we received.

Lori Lennox – 

Lori Lennox work as an artist

Jane Hebiton Tassell –  

Jane Hebiton Tassell quote
Jane Hebiton Tassell quote cont.

A View From a Senior – 

A View From a Senior about life

Joanne Sharp – 

Joanne Sharp inspirations on her work
Joanne Sharp inspirations on her work cont.


double  chock bean brownies recipe

We thank you all for your contributions. Stay tuned throughout the year as we will do more activities like this.

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