Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services is a not for profit organisation that works with women and families in the community to reduce the impact of mental health problems on families and to help foster growth, for strong women and strong families. Your small change will make a big change!

Telehealth for Kids – What to expect

Young girl using laptop for telehealth consult at home, close up

We know the idea of switching to Telehealth sessions can be a little alien or anxiety provoking, so we thought we’d give you an insight into how therapy with children can work well over video. These days many of us have had to adapt to communicating via video, for social catch ups, work meetings or […]

Can Counselling Save Your Relationship?

Married couple going through counselling

A relationship is like anything else important in the world, it needs constant attention and maintenance to ensure it is solid and lasting. It’s like taking your car in for a service, don’t wait until there are warning lights going off or you’re feeling bumps in the road.

“Infuriated by the Infection” – Anger & COVID-19

wishing covid19 gone

We have all ridden the rollercoaster of different emotions related to the Global Pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 and the impact it has had on our lives. It has affected each and every one of us in different ways and what initially for many, instilled in us a real sense of fear, seems to have shifted to residual feelings of anger. 

Relationship Advice for Women and Men

no one said being in a relationship was easy

Relationships aren’t always easy. Often when couples are getting married all their time, energy and effort goes into planning the wedding and often little thought is left for how to make the actual marriage work. The same can be seen in relationships.

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