Stretching for your mental health

Stretching for your mental health may sound like a silly idea, but it can actually help reduce stress and improve your mood. Winter is prime hibernation time for many people, when the cold and the early evenings can disrupt even the most established exercise routines.

Pandemic got you down? Mindfulness could be the key

Pandemic got you down? Mindfulness could be the key

Pandemic getting you down? You wouldn’t be the only one. Studies show that globally more people than ever are feeling stressed, anxious and depressed. But there is a simple way to help yourself feel better during this pandemic – by practising mindfulness. It is easy to do, costs nothing and can be done from the […]

Surviving Divorce


Surviving divorce can be a minefield. Not only are you an emotional wreck, but you may also be looking down the barrel of some of the biggest moves of your financial, and parenting life.

Why It Is Important to Get On Top of Your Mental Health Early

ensuring your mental health is always important

We always do everything we can to remain safe throughout our lives; we wear a seat belt to prevent a crash while driving, wear a helmet on a bike to prevent head trauma, look left and right before crossing the road, and wear sunscreen at the beach to prevent from getting burnt. So why not […]

10 Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety During the Festive Season & Holidays

Family setting up a Christmas tree together as a family

Christmas and the holiday season can be a fun and exciting period, catching up with family and friends, attending parties and preparing for the big day. But it can also be a busy and stressful period, can cause anxiety as well as bring on feelings of loss and isolation. The holiday season tends to creep up on us, thereby increasing stress, and decreasing our ability to take care of ourselves. Below are our top tips to help you get through the holiday season and look after yourself.

Top 10 Tips for Good Mental Health

being around friends helps mental health

We all know it is essential to keep our body healthy by eating correctly and participating in exercise, but did you know it’s just as equally as important to keep your mind healthy. We have gathered our top 10 tips for developing good mental health.

The Way It Was Is Not The Way It Has To Be

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Having my second child, presented many challenges. Ones that would later define my mental health and put me into a mother and babies unit. Admitting defeat and being placed there was the last thing that I ever wanted but it was the way it happened.

“Infuriated by the Infection” – Anger & COVID-19

wishing covid19 gone

We have all ridden the rollercoaster of different emotions related to the Global Pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 and the impact it has had on our lives. It has affected each and every one of us in different ways and what initially for many, instilled in us a real sense of fear, seems to have shifted to residual feelings of anger. 

What Anxiety Feels Like To Me

Women feeling extreme anxiety

Anxiety didn’t really rear its ugly head for me until after I had my kids and the sleep deprivation really kicked in.