Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services is a not for profit organisation that works with women and families in the community to reduce the impact of mental health problems on families and to help foster growth, for strong women and strong families. Your small change will make a big change!

Thank You Lotterywest and WA Labour Government

Lotterywest grant certificate

Covid has brought with it many things, it is easy to list the negatives that come with a pandemic. For a minute I want to look at some of the positives that (Gosnells Women’s Health Service trading as) WHWS has experienced as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Join the Wellness Warriors Tribe

females of all backgrounds supporting each other

Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services with sponsorship from the City of Gosnells launched a new recreation program in February 2020 called Wellness Warriors. The program aims to support women in their quest to achieve stronger physical and mental health.

Frocktober for ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation Frocktober

In the month of October, staff member Melanie ran a campaign for Frocktober (https://www.frocktober.org.au/) and raised over $1400. What is Frocktober? Frocktober is an annual event run by the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF;  https://www.ocrf.com.au/) to raise much needed funds (research is severely underfunded) and awareness about ovarian cancer.

International Women’s Day 2019

generic international women's day picture

March 8th saw us celebrate International Women’s Day. In the lead up, we put a call out to our WHWS community, for contributions of any kind, to see what the women in our area have been up to. We were so pleased with the contributions sent in and we really thank each of you who took the time to share with us your talents.

International Women’s Day – Is it relevant in 2018?

8th of march is international Womens day

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), this is the 107th annual celebration of IWD and the 80th anniversary of IWD in Perth. This world wide event celebrates women’s achievements and the pursuit of gender equality (and if my trip to the shops today is anything to go by it’s a great marketing ploy to sell active wear, make up and jewellery but I’ll try and leave my soapboxing about that for another day!).

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