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5 Tips for New Mums to Manage Work-Life Balance

how to balance life and work

This is a shout out to all you women out there who are still struggling and juggling between diapers and laptops. Yes! We truly understand your pain. Balancing between work and home can be a tedious and hectic task for sure; especially for new mums. With an added responsibility of a child, not only your work but your home managing skills can go for a toss. And being a working mother, I can vouch for that. These unending situations often lead to stress, body ache, fatigue and in extreme cases, even anxiety and depression.

Well, I am not here to scratch your sores but to soothe and ease your pain. Take a look at a few tips and tricks on how you can effectively manage your work, home and little bundle of joy, all together.

A mother constantly has to multitask things in her life

1. Adopt a no-guilt policy

Feeling guilty about leaving your little bundle of joy and going to work is quite natural. But do not let this notion get over your head. The more you think about it, the more stressful the situation becomes. This will in turn hamper your performance at work. Think about how well you can save for your child’s future and educational opportunities, which otherwise would not have been financially feasible.

2. Connect with your child

If you are still worried about how your child is doing, invest in gadgets that can record your voice, videos and lullaby. It will definitely help your partner if he is managing the bub alone at home. Your voice will soothe your crying and cranky child for sure.

3. Aim for sorted Mornings

The key here is to organise yourself. From sorting your work clothes and packing your work bag to arranging for lunch and kid’s child care bag, do everything a night before. This will keep your morning sorted and you will wake up sans any stress.

4. Share the load

It is not entirely your responsibility to manage home and child. Engage your partner in doing stuffs like laundry, grocery shopping, changing diapers, preparing meals and cleaning. This way you both will help each other in strengthening your bond further.

5. Arrange for flexible work timings

Negotiation is the key here. Ask your workplace it they can reduce your number of working hours. Or perhaps, you can work for fewer days in a week. This will help you stay closer to your child and even manage home and work in a much better way.

Hurray new mums! Hope we have sorted your work life a little.

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