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Writer's Group - FREE Event

Many of us have a longing to express our thoughts and ideas in writing – whether through a novel or biography, or simply through the art of journalling (for example). Which is why, despite our best intentions, life can sometimes get in the way and before we know it, months and sometimes years have passed before we have acted.

This is where joining a writer’s group can be very helpful- committing to a time and place to either make a start or continue your writing venture.

By joining this group, you will be in a relaxed space to work on your writing project while listening to music and enjoying a tea or coffee. Writing projects could be as diverse as poetry, journalling, story writing, autobiographies, song writing and more. It should be noted that this group is not instructional- but rather a casual get-together to motivate each other to get pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard. We will also have short breaks in the session to chat and share ideas should we choose to.


  • Increased sense of connection and community
  • Creative projects are often put off or forgotten about. We are creating a time, place, and space for women to book in valued creative time.
  • Time out for self for busy Women and Mums.
  • Increased well-being, calm, relaxation
  • Decreased stress and anxiety


As an experienced Counsellor and skilled Group Facilitator with over ten years’ experience facilitating health and wellbeing programs in the corporate area, Romney brings a rich toolkit of knowledge to her health and wellbeing groups.

Through her lived experience of chronic illness, Romney has learnt a great deal about the lessons, gifts and challenges these experiences offer. Romney has deep empathy for people on the journey of recovery and derives meaning and satisfaction from assisting others to shine from the inside out and find joy and purpose in their lives.

Bachelor of Health Science
Bachelor of Social Science
Diploma of Counselling


WHEN: June 12 @ 12.30pm-2.30pm

VENUE: Women’s Health & Wellbeing Services Group Room (Suite 7, Level 1 2232c Albany Hwy GOSNELLS WA)


*BYO writing project/materials

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