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Why It Is Important to Get On Top of Your Mental Health Early

ensuring your mental health is always important

We always do everything we can to remain safe throughout our lives; we wear a seat belt to prevent a crash while driving, wear a helmet on a bike to prevent head trauma, look left and right before crossing the road, and wear sunscreen at the beach to prevent from getting burnt. So why not aim to prevent yourself from developing poor mental health? Addressing your mental health and how you feel early on can help to prevent mental health issues, improve diagnosis and treatment and help in seeing the correct doctors and specialists as well as improve your overall social wellbeing. We outline why it is essential to get on top of your mental health early and ways to do so.

Why Is Mental Health Important?

You always look after your physical health, eating the right foods, moving, and exercising, however not many people look after their mental health to the same degree. It is crucial to stay on top of your mental health and in touch with your emotions to identify how you feel. Breaking habits and changing patterns early will make it a lot easier to improve your mental health. Once you start to feel overwhelmed and intruded by negative thoughts, it can be challenging to pull yourself out of the headspace day after day without the correct guidance. Getting on top of your mental health early helps you develop the tools and confidence not to let yourself fall back into that state of mind. Further, diagnosing and developing a treatment plan early on enables you to get counselling referrals, book in to see specialists, and use the available recourses to improve your mental health before it feels too overwhelming to do so. If you wait too long, you may need to miss extended work periods, miss out on social gatherings, and spend time away from your home. Getting on top of your mental health early will reap many benefits now and in the future.

How To Identify Poor Mental Health Early On?

Many people disregard the beginning of mental illness such as OCD, anxiety, and depression, not realising it can evolve into something a lot bigger. It’s not always easy to be aware of the of what is considered expected behaviours and possible early signs of mental health issues. Signs can be subtle but can increase and often include patterns like losing sleep, losing your appetite, high levels of stress, being unproductive, and feelings of isolation. When trying to identify poor mental health its useful to learn about the patterns and speak with the people who are around you often who may notice changes in your behaviour.

What Can I Do To Stay On Top Of My Mental Health?

Poor mental health can derive from various social and psychological factors. Social elements can include discrimination, social exclusion, poor lifestyle choices, ill-health, stressful working conditions, and a hostile home environment. Psychological aspects enhance an individual’s likelihood of developing poor mental health including, genetics.
You can implement a number of steps into your everyday routine that will improve your mental health by encouraging a healthy environment that supports your mental health, including:

  • Eating the right, balanced and nutritious foods. Consuming vitamins and minerals supporting healthy brain function and mood stability. Check out our Recipes to Boost Your Mood.
  • Early child intervention, providing a stable, nurturing environment from a young age
  • Providing programs and resources to kids to openly talk about their struggles
  • Seeking counselling early
  • Ensure you are getting over 8 hours of sleep a night
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people
  • Limiting the use of technology and media
  • Opening up to people around you
  • Keeping your environment clean
  • Joining groups and programs that support positive mental health
  • Reduce alcohol consumption and avoid illicit drug use
  • Implementing an exercise routine every day
  • Getting outdoors and soaking up the sunlight
  • Stimulate your mind by trying new activities
  • Self-care, take time out of your day for you

Looking after yourself is one of the most critical factors concerning positive mental health. Being busy is put on a pedestal, everyone wants a crazy schedule all the time in today’s world. However, it is essential to take a step back and look after yourself, get on top of your mental health early and watch your future self thrive. Read our Top 10 Tips for Good Mental Health and get in touch if you need assistance. Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services specialise in supporting women, families and children’s mental and emotional health offering individual, couples, family and children’s counselling in Gosnells as well as parenting programs, groups and courses, professional services and EAP.

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