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Relationship Advice for Women and Men

no one said being in a relationship was easy

Relationships aren’t always easy. Often when couples are getting married all their time, energy and effort goes into planning the wedding and often little thought is left for how to make the actual marriage work. The same can be seen in relationships. Couples can get swept up in the excitement of the new relationship and when the shiny exterior starts to dull the relationship can suffer. Research suggests it isn’t big issues that result in relationship breakdown but a culmination of the little things. There is lots of online relationship advice for women and for men so this post aims to keep it short and simple.

counselling Gosnells – relationship advice for women and men counselling Gosnells – relationship advice for women and men

The Gottman Institute

The Gottman Institute have spent decades studying what separates the relationship masters from the relationship disasters. In this short video clip they speak about the importance of turning towards your partner and not away from your partner. Simple acts that you can do everyday to move closer to your partner. 

Check out this two minute clip for some easy tips to follow.

If you are having problems in your relationships or you value your relationship so you just want to check in for a tune up you can find out more about relationship counselling here at Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services.

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