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Planning for Parenthood and Why It’s Important

Parenthood is an exciting new chapter in one’s life, however, it can be nerve-racking if it is your first time as you’re about to head down an unexpected path. People say we are made for parenthood as human beings, but it often does not feel like the case. Some aspects of parenting may feel like it comes naturally to you over time others, will be skills that you learn along the way. It is important to build a supportive network system to lean on during hard times and celebrate through the good. Planning for parenthood will save you time, stress, and effort in the future when all your energy is devoted to your little one.

Why Is Planning for Parenthood Important?

Parenthood comes with many twists, turns, and unexpected moments; the more you prepare, the more you’ll be likely to handle whatever is thrown at you.

Quit Unhealthy Habits Early

Put a stop to your unhealthy habits before your little one arrives; it will be much easier to break the pattern while you have time to focus on yourself. Whether smoking, vaping, excessive alcohol consumption, or unhealthy eating habits, put an end to unhealthy habits now and start creating a healthy lifestyle for your newborn to thrive in.

Organise A Nursery

Organise a baby nursery with crib while planning for parenthood

Building a nursery is a fun activity to do as a couple. Designing the layout to picking the colour palette creates quality bonding time between you and your partner. Before you enter parenthood, it will help a considerable amount to have the room finished, everything from having nappies, clothes, baby wipes, toys, and anything else you need organised. It will take the stress off you during the first few weeks as parents not having to set up the nursery still and look after your newborn.

TIP – if you don’t want to know the gender until they enter the world, set up the nursery up for neutral colours, browns, whites, or yellows; then, once you know the gender, you can add a few finishing touches.

Build a Supportive Network

Start building a supportive environment before you enter parenthood. This is essential for building strong relationships and getting advice from couples that may have already been through what you are about to go through. Parenthood is all about learning along the way, but asking questions and leaning on friends and family will help tremendously.

If you don’t have family or friends that live near you, joining groups and programs is an excellent way to form new friendships and talk about parenthood with the guidance of professionals or talk about the new world you’re going to enter. At WHWS we offer Preparing for Parenthood, a 7-week program for couples entering parenthood, and Making a Parenting Plan workshop, as well as a Dads Group that is relevant to all dads. If you’re a new father-to-be, you can read our 13 Helpful Tips for New Dads.

Centre for Perinatal & Pregnancy Support

We offer an incredible support service for those who want extra guidance while planning for parenthood; supporting the mental health of women and families in the perinatal period (from conception to 4 years old) with in-person, telephone and telehealth counselling. Helping your parenting journey with attachment-based parenting groups, classes, and workshops. Click here to learn more.

Preparing for Parenthood is important for your future and your newborns. Keep an open mind for every situation and prepare for the unexpected, ultimately keep trying your best, and you will learn along the way. Entering the world of newborns is beautiful but can be exhausting, so remember it is crucial to take care of yourself and lean on others when needed. Enjoy the process and every moment that comes with it. Join our CPPS service for extra support today.

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