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Motherhood from the perspective of a Grandmother

understanding what motherhood is like from an older age

Now I have passed three score years 10 what does motherhood mean to me. 

Stage 1.

I am thinking of motherhood in the early years.

It was physically exhausting some days, it required so much energy. It was sloppy kisses, gentle pats to get babies to sleep, it was beautiful.

It was total involvement to help this tiny individual thrive. it was all about growing and nurturing.

Stage 2.


Now the baby has thrived and is ready to begin to become independent.

You step back, you encourage, you worry.

They will fall but they should be able to get up and try again. You love them but you need to let them have a go themselves.

Stage 4.


The teenager has grown and is making their own way.

Their own families, their own decisions.

You still need to love them and now watch them make these decisions themselves.

Stage 5


Possibly now the adult child is needing to parent their ageing parents.

Hopefully the ageing parents are able to be friends to their child. They hope they can keep their independence.

You wonder how and when did this change happen? When did I become the one who needed help?

You are surprised that your babies are now educated, wise and caring adults with their own lives.

They have made life choices that you did not need to be concerned about.

They can cook clean and look after their families while working, playing and loving their family.

They have time for you. They still listen to you, smile at your silly jokes, don’t take too seriously your concerns about them and love you just because.

They are now preparing to take on the role of carer if needed.

Life is a funny thing. It is the circle of life as they say.  

I think all we can all do is try our best, make the best decision that we can at the time, respect our differences and know that we only ever want the best for our babies whether they be newborns or mature adults.

For me motherhood has been a privilege.

It’s not the easiest job I’ve ever undertaken but I know that my life has been richer, I’ve become wiser, and I am truly grateful that I have people who consider me their family xx

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