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Me Time Guilt

female having me time

So often I see my partner lying on the couch without a care in the world while the laundry basket is overflowing, dishes are on the counter and the floor is covered in cat hair. Why is it that as Women we feel guilty doing nothing- something that our kids and partners do without thought?

Do you hear a voice in your head telling you to get off the couch and do the dishes in the sink?

Do you feel like you can’t paint your toes because you should be tidying the kids rooms?

Do you ever leave a glass of wine to help a demanding child find their plush unicorn?

Sounds like you’re suffering from me time guilt. Me time guilt is where you put your needs aside because you feel bad for doing something for yourself unless everyone else is happy and all the housework is done.

Next time you hear that voice, IGNORE IT! Give yourself permission to have some me time. Trust me the laundry isn’t going anywhere while you paint your toes or have a glass of wine and watch the sunset.

How can I push away that guilt?

  1. Remind yourself of all the things you do each day for everyone else
  2. Remind yourself that you deserve time out
  3. Remind yourself that you will be a better worker, parent and partner if you feel nourished and happy. So really half hour for you will benefit the whole family.

It’s okay to put boundaries in place so your kids and partner don’t disturb you during your me time unless it’s an actual emergency. If they do disturb you, try to remind them that you are having some me time and you are busy now but will help them with whatever they need in 30 minutes time. You will also be teaching your kids healthy habits of taking time out.

Some creative ideas for me time 

  1. Chase waterfalls at Ellis Brook Valley
  2. Try a new type of coffee at Little Banksia café – matcha latte anyone?
  3. Put on some 90s bangers and have a dance
  4. Make a new cocktail
  5. Put on some relaxing music and try a coffee scrub or hair mask
  6. Get your partner to give you a foot massage or go a massage parlour.
  7. Learn a dance from a Tik Tok video
  8. Try some instagram nail art
  9. Get crafty and make some cards
  10. Try your hand at pottery painting and make yourself a new favorite mug.
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