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Looking After Your Mental Health During Covid-19 & Managing the Stress of Waiting for an Outbreak

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Covid-19 has impacted millions of people’s lives worldwide especially in Australia, with multiple lockdowns occurring. The anticipation of a COVID outbreak happening in your state or region can seriously affect one’s mental health. Having good mental health enables you to feel good and function effectively, providing yourself with opportunities for growth and development. You may find it difficult to manage how you think, feel, and react to daily stresses without good mental health. 

COVID-19 in Perth & The Stress of an Outbreak

Perth has been quite lucky and reactive when it comes to COVID-19, keeping it out of the state and protecting the livelihood of Western Australians. However, it can be extremely nerve-racking expecting an outbreak to occur or wondering when you’ll next see family members or friends that live out of the state; this can negatively impact your mental health. Here are some of our top tips for looking after your mental health during Covid-19. 

Exercising and Eating Nourishing Foods Increases Your Mental Health During Covid-19

Exercising and Eating Nourishing Foods Increases Your Mental Health During Covid-19. We all know that daily exercise and fuelling your body with nourishing food is essential to feeling good. Simply going for a 30-minute walk will release endorphins contributing to feelings of happiness. Exercising will help improve your sleep, relieve stress, improve your overall mood, and contribute to better mental health. 

Minimising the Consumption of COVID-19 News in Perth

Remaining positive during this current pandemic remains challenging. It feels like there are relentless amounts of news regarding the virus going on across Australia and conflicting opinions about Perth’s borders opening or staying closed. Many news sites, articles, and even personal views being thrown around about COVID-19 can become extremely overwhelming. Consuming too much news is not suitable for anyone. Keep up to date in the information surrounding the pandemic from reliable news sites, but remember it’s essential to know when to switch off and not dive in too deep. 

Remaining Positive to Improve Mental Health During COVID-19

We are fortunate in Perth with minimal lockdowns occurring, but some of us maybe finding ourselves sitting on the edge of our seats constantly expecting an outbreak which can negatively impact our mental health. Remaining optimistic to the best of your ability will help significantly. If you feel yourself constantly thinking about the next outbreak, take time to yourself and do something you enjoy. Whether that be reading a book, cooking, having a bath, or hanging out with friends, anything to take your mind off COVID-19 will positively affect your well-being. Seeking an activity which encourages you to be present will make it easier to shift your mind from the COVID – 19 conversations to the task at hand. 

Staying Connected with Family and Friends During COVID-19 in Perth

Staying Connected with Family and Friends During COVID-19 in Perth. Opening borders is another factor that is seriously impacting individuals’ mental health. With family and friends in different states and territories, the unusual feeling of not knowing when you will see them next is difficult. With borders closed, it also affects the ability for you to travel, an activity that is exciting and helps improve mental health. During these times it is vital to focus on what you can control. Facetiming family, having zoom family trivia nights, or having a drink with friends over video call are all great ways to stay involved and connected, and laughing with family or friends will make it feel like they aren’t so far away. If you are missing out on travel, consider travelling locally, staycations and exciting destinations in your own backyard; allowing you to experience all the joys of travel within the COVID-19 free safety of Western Australia.

Contacting a Professional for Mental Health Support

If you are increasingly finding your mental health diminishing during this period, it is important to speak to someone you trust or contact a professional. The Australian Government has put multiple systems in place for the public to use to their advantage regarding mental health. Click here to find out more about what you may be eligible for regarding mental health support. 

At WHWS we are here to support you and your family during the pandemic and can answer any questions or support you further during this difficult time. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@whws.org.au or by calling 94902258. We have a range of services and programs to assist you and your family. 

In addition, there are various hotlines you can contact in times of need when you want to talk to someone.

Call lines you can contact 24/7 for support:

  • Lifeline Australia 131 114
  • Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service 1800 512 348
  • Translating and Interpreting Service 131 450
  • Kids Helpline contract 1800 551 800
  • Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467

COVID-19 has changed the way we live for the time being. With an uncertain future, it is more important than ever to look after your mental health. Acknowledge the way you are feeling, then putting strategies in place to improve your mental health is an area we all need to direct our attention too. Focusing on yourself and the way you feel for as little as 10-minutes a day can make a world of difference. If you are struggling, contact a professional and seek further support. Hang in there, Perth, we’ve got this. 

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