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Introduction to Fusion Belly Dance with LAKITA

Introduction to Fusion Belly Dance with Lakita will bring you right to the core of your body, teaching you to move with a serpentine and fluid quality. It is a celebration of all bodies and femininity, encouraging the student to discover new feelings of empowerment, sensuality, strength and confidence.


  • Improved fitness, strength, circulation 
  • Learn dance sequences to tap into femininity and sensuality  
  • Improved emotional well-being
  • Confidence and celebration of all body types 


Lakita is a hypnotic performance artist and movement teacher based in Perth, Australia. She has been celebrated for her unique fusion of the timeless artform of Belly Dance. Lakita’s classes focus on educating and enticing her students to a newfound empowerment, sensuality and confidence. Her classes take you on a journey through deep and lush body conditioning sequences, movement practices and technique all dripping in audio heaven.


WHEN: March 1, 8, 15, 22 @ 1-2pm

VENUE: Gosnells RSL Hall (Mills Rd W & Gosnells Rd W, Gosnells WA 6109)

COST: March 1 Only – Single session – $15 Concession /$20 General OR Series of 4 – $45 Concession/$60 General

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