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Foodie Fridays – Down South Edition

Welcome everyone to the special ‘Down South” Edition of Foodie Fridays. I have just got back from a trip “down south” to Ferguson Valley, then Manjimup for Truffle Season, and Margaret River, so I thought I would share some exciting foodie experiences from my trip.

Ferguson Valley

Our first stop was Ferguson Valley where we stopped in at Hackersley Estate Winery for a great lunch with a stunning view. The dessert here was clever spin on an Espresso Martini. “Oops I dropped the Espresso Martini”- Espresso Custard, Vodka Jelly, Kahlua Parfait and Caramel

Manjimup – Truffle Hunting

Our next stop was Manjimup for a Truffle Hunt at Truffle and Wine Co. 

With the help of our guide Deb and her Truffle dog Jaz we headed out into the hazelnut and oak trees and within minutes, Jaz had pawed the ground indicating that she could smell a truffle. After a few minutes of gentle digging we uncovered our first truffle which smelled incredible.

After the hunt the truffles were weighed. We managed to bring in a haul of 700 grams, which at $2.50 a gram or $2500 a kilo, wasn’t too bad. (Mind you we didn’t get to keep what we found). 

After the hunt we were lucky enough to purchase some truffles to take home, I look forward to sharing with you soon some of the delicious truffle recipes I cook up with my fresh truffles!

The truffle hunt was such a great experience, I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in truffles, but remember truffle season is short so make sure you get there between June and August!

Margaret River – Still More Truffles!

Margaret River was our next stop, and keeping on the theme of truffles, we participated in a Truffle cooking class and 3 course lunch with Chef Tony Howell at Cape Lodge.

Chef Tony showing us the kitchen’s gardens on the grounds of Cape Lodge

First Course: Franklin Harbour Oysters, Veoute and Fresh Black Truffle

Second Course: 63 degree egg, Jerusalem Artichoke Puree, Herb Crumb, Artichoke Chips, and Fresh shaved Black Truffle (My personal favourite!!)

Third Course: White Rocks Veal Osso Bucco, Potato and Truffle Puree, and Broccolini 

Margaret River – Dunsborough 

Yarri Restaurant

We were lucky enough to have dinner at the 2-chef hatted restaurant Yarri in Dunsborough. The food was delicious, and we were able to sit up at the pass and watch all the action in the kitchen while we dined. The menu focuses on using local WA ingredients to make Modern Australian Dishes. The 2 stand out dishes for me were the Venison and the Marron, both sourced locally.

I would very highly recommend Yarri, but make sure you book in advance as it is very popular with locals and tourists alike.

Fun Foodie Fact

Truffle Hunters previously used pigs to hunt for truffles, however the pigs soon developed quite a taste for truffles and would become very aggressive when the hunters would try and retrieve the truffles. There are even rumours of some lost fingers. Hence the move to Dogs instead who curiously don’t have the same taste for truffles.

Thanks everyone for reading the Down South Editions of Foodie Fridays, and I look forward to the next edition back in Perth.

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