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Find Your Voice – Learn how to be Assertive

Find your Voice

How do we establish boundaries and learn how to say ‘no’?

Assertiveness stands as a potent interpersonal tool, empowering you to confidently and authentically articulate your needs and desires. Beyond personal empowerment, it fosters the cultivation of healthy relationships, facilitates conflict resolution, and elevates self-esteem.

Throughout this workshop, participants will gain invaluable strategies for effective and respectful communication, master the art of setting boundaries, and acquire the skill to assert oneself confidently by learning the art of saying ‘no’ when necessary.


Embark on a transformative journey across five two-hour sessions guided by a qualified therapist in a face-to-face setting. Through this comprehensive course, participants will cultivate invaluable abilities that will enrich and deepen their lives.

Delving into essential topics such as communication styles—covering passive, aggressive, and assertive approaches—attendees will master the art of assertiveness and effective listening. Furthermore, they will explore intricate facets of identity, boundaries, and the nuanced nature of assigning blame while honing problem-solving techniques and conflict-resolution strategies.

This holistic program promises not only practical skills but also profound personal growth, empowering individuals to navigate life’s complexities with newfound confidence and clarity.

  • Communication styles (passive, aggressive and assertive)
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Communication skills and effective listening
  • Identity, boundaries and blame
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution


Karli is a counsellor with a deep interest in and empathy for people. She enjoys helping her clients develop insights into their own behaviours, emotions and thoughts before working together to find strategies that help them live a calmer and more authentic way. Karli particularly enjoys working on issues around self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, assertiveness and supporting overworked mums.

When she is not buried in a book, she loves a good art gallery or museum, comedy and going to the beach.


-Master of Counselling

-Bachelor of Teaching

-Bachelor of Arts


WHEN: Wednesday 23rd October – 20th November (5 sessions)

VENUE: Group Room (Suite 7, Level 1 Gosnells Community Lotteries House, 2232c Albany Highway Gosnells)

COST: Series of 5 – $90 Concession/$120 non concession per person


We understand that you may feel apprehensive about attending group sessions due to social anxiety. We want to assure that our small, supportive group environment is designed to be safe, non-judgmental, and comfortable for everyone.

We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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