Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services is a not for profit organisation that works with women and families in the community to reduce the impact of mental health problems on families and to help foster growth, for strong women and strong families. Your small change will make a big change!



Mental Health Week

Research shows that there are multiple benefits of music on mental and physical health. Relaxing music may also reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol which may be one of the reasons why listening to music may calm our minds.

Experience a soothing guided meditation and sound bath during mental health week where you will be guided through a meditation on the theme of compassion for self and others. Following this you will be immersed in a deeply relaxing sound bath using Tibetan Singing bowls, Koshi chimes, a rain maker and more.

Yoga mats will be provided for your comfort so you can lie down for the duration of the meditation. Please bring a blanket to put over you (or two if you would like to lie on a blanket) and a small pillow for under your head.


  • Take time out for your self-care
  • Reduce stress and improve mental health
  • Research suggests relaxing music and sounds may benefit your immune system and cardiovascular system
  • Increase alpha brain waves associated with calm and relaxation
  • Lie down and do nothing! Allow the sounds to calm and soothe you.        


About the Facilitator: 

Julian Silburn

Julian is a didjeridu player, performer and teacher with a passionate interest in Aboriginal culture and music. Julian has been taught by a number of Yolngu elders in Arnhemland and Noongar elders in Western Australia. Having collaborated with them musically and culturally over many years, he has their blessing and approval for using the didjeridu in his healing, performance and teaching work. (Image right: supplied by Julian Silburn playing Didjeridu)

new-borns feet

Perinatal and Parenting Symposium

Coming up on 13th & 14th June, WHWS with our sister organisation, The Centre for Perinatal Mental Health and Parenting Support are proud to present their Perinatal and Parenting Symposium.

Join us for two days of amazing, professional speakers from a variety of health backgrounds including social workers, midwives, OT’s, counsellors, GP’s, physios and more. These industry experts will share their wealth of knowledge around supporting the health and wellbeing of perinatal mothers, their partners and babies.

CPD point eligible.

If you would like to see more of our 2021 event, you can view the video here.

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