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Can Counselling Save Your Relationship?

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A relationship is like anything else important in the world, it needs constant attention and maintenance to ensure it is solid and lasting. It’s like taking your car in for a service, don’t wait until there are warning lights going off or you’re feeling bumps in the road. Ideally, you want to take your vehicle to be serviced before it blows up, the same goes for a relationship. Most couples don’t want to seek help from a professional as they don’t believe their relationship isn’t in a bad enough state. Yet counselling isn’t just for when your relationship is in dire straits; counselling can be beneficial for healthy relationships, and it can help save a relationship in turmoil. 

What Happens in Relationship Counselling?

You can see a counsellor at any point in your relationship, even if you aren’t having troubles but perhaps want fine tune your communication. Counselling can help to teach couples how to stay on the same page, how to continually work on a relationship as well as prevent future arguments and teach you how to resolve conflicts together, saving your relationship. If you find it hard to work through your relationship alone with your partner, seeking counselling can help find out what you want from each other and the relationship. Many couples hold onto their emotions and bottle them up before they get to breaking point and explode. This is when anger, criticism, and defensive actions come into play rather than speaking neutrally and freely when the issues first arose.

Counselling has become increasingly popular, talking about bigger topics that could potentially be controversial with the guidance of a professional. Discussing raising kids, parenting techniques, and money are essential conversations to be had with your partner. A relationship counsellor can assist you in talking about these topics if a disagreement occurs, allowing both sides to express their opinions freely in a way that can heard. This will help save the relationship in the future as you both learn how to share your individual needs and meet each other’s through learning to communicating successfully. 

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What Can a Counsellor Do for Your Relationship?

Provide tips on how to communicate more effectively 

Many individuals communicate differently, which can cause issues in relationships understanding each other. A professional counsellor can provide you with tools for effective communication. They understand the different communication styles occurring and help explore different options to utilise at home when discussing topics. Over time carrying out positive and effective communication practices at home will allow your relationship to flourish and prevent holding back negative emotions until they explode. 

Become emotionally and physically close again 

Relationships can end due to lack of intimacy and not feeling a close connection anymore. This is common in many relationships; becoming comfortable and leading to a loss of attachment. A counsellor can help to reignite the ‘spark’, through uncovering issues and factors that may have led to this occurring and help you repair and enhance your relationship.  

Strengthen specific areas within your relationship 

Whether trust or handling the family, a counsellor can help build this area of your relationship. Going to therapy with your partner gives you the freedom to speak freely within a safe environment. With guided support and no judgment, you can work through topics that may be a challenge to do alone. If trust is lacking within your relationship, a counsellor can help you rebuild, reconnect, and give you the tools to develop a trusting, loving relationship with each other. Further, suppose you are struggling with family, in that case, a professional can help partners resolve conflict surrounding the kids, extended family, scheduling who looks after the children at specific times, chores, and discipline. Although every family situation is different, Family counselling with a professional offer an outside perspective and can help a couple come to a mutual agreement without bias.

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A relationship takes work, and it is roller-coaster. You can’t expect it to be smooth sailing without effort. There will be highs and lows, and it’s about supporting each other and putting constant effort into the relationship to make it work. Whether you’re newly coupled or deep into the relationship, a counsellor can save your relationship. 

If you are looking for relationship Counselling in Perth, at Women’s Health & Wellbeing Services we offer Telehealth and face-to-face-appointments. As well as relationship counselling we are also here to support you with Individual Counselling, Mens Counselling and a range of other services. Everyone deserves a lifetime of happiness.

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