Telehealth for Kids – What to expect

Young girl using laptop for telehealth consult at home, close up

We know the idea of switching to Telehealth sessions can be a little alien or anxiety provoking, so we thought we’d give you an insight into how therapy with children can work well over video. These days many of us have had to adapt to communicating via video, for social catch ups, work meetings or […]

Can Counselling Save Your Relationship?

Married couple going through counselling

A relationship is like anything else important in the world, it needs constant attention and maintenance to ensure it is solid and lasting. It’s like taking your car in for a service, don’t wait until there are warning lights going off or you’re feeling bumps in the road.

Recipes to Boost Your Mood

Steak and brussels sprouts

Food plays a massive role in your mental health, reducing stress, anxiety and improving your overall well being. If you constantly eat unhealthy, processed foods, you will feel the consequences including brain fog, lethargy, and an unstable mood.

Top 10 Tips for Good Mental Health

being around friends helps mental health

We all know it is essential to keep our body healthy by eating correctly and participating in exercise, but did you know it’s just as equally as important to keep your mind healthy. We have gathered our top 10 tips for developing good mental health.

Shared Story – Late Term Miscarriage

love heart on a bench

So I wasn’t going to share this, been going back and forth thinking it’s inappropriate, but hey you don’t have to read it and everyone else shares their birth story, just that this one has a different ending.

The Way It Was Is Not The Way It Has To Be

another image of Joanne Shepherd from Mumma Activ

Having my second child, presented many challenges. Ones that would later define my mental health and put me into a mother and babies unit. Admitting defeat and being placed there was the last thing that I ever wanted but it was the way it happened.