Dad chats: Building your parenting toolbox

father sleeping with new-born

Welcome to Dad Chats! In these sessions, we’ll be talking about the many facets of fatherhood. We’ll focus on the present moment and explore some new tools that can help dads be their best selves. Topics will include creating a shared idea of fatherhood, tuning the ‘dad engine’, and negotiating boundaries. Our goal is to […]

Stretching for your mental health

Stretching for your mental health may sound like a silly idea, but it can actually help reduce stress and improve your mood. Winter is prime hibernation time for many people, when the cold and the early evenings can disrupt even the most established exercise routines.

Pandemic got you down? Mindfulness could be the key

Pandemic got you down? Mindfulness could be the key

Pandemic getting you down? You wouldn’t be the only one. Studies show that globally more people than ever are feeling stressed, anxious and depressed. But there is a simple way to help yourself feel better during this pandemic – by practising mindfulness. It is easy to do, costs nothing and can be done from the […]

Surviving Divorce


Surviving divorce can be a minefield. Not only are you an emotional wreck, but you may also be looking down the barrel of some of the biggest moves of your financial, and parenting life.

Helping our children manage big feelings

mother comforting daughter with school anxiety

All kids at some point have big feelings, feelings they will likely need some help to manage. As children develop and grow, they will inevitably face a variety of challenges and emotions. In order to effectively manage these emotions and build resilience, it is important that we provide them with the tools and support they need.

Ways you Can Help your Child Manage Big Emotions

When your child gets upset or angry, usually as parents you get upset as well. Older children as well as young children can still have emotional outbursts or tantrums, and often these are a result of the inability to self-regulate and manage big emotions.

Managing Back-to-School Anxiety for Parents and Children

Why Does Back-to-School Anxiety Happen? Back-to-school anxiety is a form of anxiety that occurs in children both before and after the start of a new school year. The anxiety is usually focused on the financial, academic or social implications of attending a new school or returning to an old one. The back-to-school season typically starts […]

Why It Is Important to Get On Top of Your Mental Health Early

ensuring your mental health is always important

We always do everything we can to remain safe throughout our lives; we wear a seat belt to prevent a crash while driving, wear a helmet on a bike to prevent head trauma, look left and right before crossing the road, and wear sunscreen at the beach to prevent from getting burnt. So why not […]

10 Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety During the Festive Season & Holidays

Family setting up a Christmas tree together as a family

Christmas and the holiday season can be a fun and exciting period, catching up with family and friends, attending parties and preparing for the big day. But it can also be a busy and stressful period, can cause anxiety as well as bring on feelings of loss and isolation. The holiday season tends to creep up on us, thereby increasing stress, and decreasing our ability to take care of ourselves. Below are our top tips to help you get through the holiday season and look after yourself.