Managing Back-to-School Anxiety for Parents and Children

Why Does Back-to-School Anxiety Happen? Back-to-school anxiety is a form of anxiety that occurs in children both before and after the start of a new school year. The anxiety is usually focused on the financial, academic or social implications of attending a new school or returning to an old one. The back-to-school season typically starts […]

Why It Is Important to Get On Top of Your Mental Health Early

We always do everything we can to remain safe throughout our lives; we wear a seat belt to prevent a crash while driving, wear a helmet on a bike to prevent head trauma, look left and right before crossing the road, and wear sunscreen at the beach to prevent from getting burnt. So why not […]

10 Tips for Managing Stress & Anxiety During the Festive Season & Holidays

Christmas and the holiday season can be a fun and exciting period, catching up with family and friends, attending parties and preparing for the big day. But it can also be a busy and stressful period, can cause anxiety as well as bring on feelings of loss and isolation. The holiday season tends to creep […]

Can Counselling Save Your Relationship?

Steak With Butter-Braised Brussels Sprouts – Packed with Iron

A relationship is like anything else important in the world, it needs constant attention and maintenance to ensure it is solid and lasting. It’s like taking your car in for a service, don’t wait until there are warning lights going off or you’re feeling bumps in the road.

Recipes to Boost Your Mood

Food plays a massive role in your mental health, reducing stress, anxiety and improving your overall well being. If you constantly eat unhealthy, processed foods, you will feel the consequences including brain fog, lethargy, and an unstable mood.

Top 10 Tips for Good Mental Health

We all know it is essential to keep our body healthy by eating correctly and participating in exercise, but did you know it’s just as equally as important to keep your mind healthy. We have gathered our top 10 tips for developing good mental health.

Shared Story – Late Term Miscarriage

So I wasn’t going to share this, been going back and forth thinking it’s inappropriate, but hey you don’t have to read it and everyone else shares their birth story, just that this one has a different ending.