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Resilience and Renewal: ADHD Therapeutic Group for Women

Empowerment through Resilience: Thriving Together in our ADHD Journey!

Join us at WHWS for a six-week group therapy program designed for women. This supportive and empowering group experience is tailored to help you navigate life’s challenges with more resilience and self-awareness. Whether you’re dealing with stress, life transitions, or emotional upheaval, you can count on a supportive environment to explore and grow. 

Program Highlights: 

Weekly Themes: Each week, we focus on various aspects of emotional health, from understanding your emotions and managing stress to building self-esteem and improving interpersonal relationships. 

Week 1: Understanding ADHD in Women  

Focus: Know your ADHD, especially how symptoms present uniquely. Discuss common misconceptions, the problem of late/misdiagnosis, and the impact of hormonal changes on ADHD symptoms. 

Week 2: Self-Awareness and Self-Compassion  

Focus: Explore the emotional and psychological impacts of living with ADHD. Exercises in self-compassion to help manage feelings of frustration, guilt, or inadequacy that usually accompany ADHD. 

Week 3: Organisation and Finding Time 

Focus: Address practical challenges like organisation and time management. Introduce tools and strategies specifically tailored for ADHD, such as time-blocking, prioritisation techniques, and clutter control. 

Week 4: Strengthening your Strengths 

Focus and Reducing Distractions Focus: Techniques may include mindfulness practices, making your environment more friendly, and implementing workarounds. 

Week 5: Building Resilient Relationships  

Focus: Examine the impact and offer strategies for communication that foster understanding and patience. Role-play scenarios to practice new skills in real-time. 

Week 6: Embracing Change and Planning for the Future  

Focus: Encourage forward thinking and goal setting that align with personal values and aspirations. Discuss how to implement long-term changes that build your network and support growth. 

Expert-Led Sessions:

Our sessions are led by a counsellor with lived experience of ADHD, building resilience with techniques from Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and more. 

Supportive Community:

Connect with other women who share similar experiences in a confidential and supportive setting, empowering each other to move forward with confidence. Attendance is required at all sessions, and this is a small, closed group. 


Date: Thursday 1st of August – Thursday 4th of September (6 Sessions)

Time: 5.45 pm – 7.45 pm ( inc. 15 min break)

Where: Women’s Health & Wellbeing Services. Suite 7, Level 1 Gosnells Community Lotteries House, 2232c Albany Highway Gosnells

Cost: For all 6 sessions – $120 Concession and $185 General

Light Refreshments: Enjoy a delightful selection of treats as we engage in meaningful conversations and build connections.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and you 
  • Develop interpersonal and practical skills and strategies 
  • Cultivate self-compassion 
  • Improve communication (with yourself and others) 
  • Connect with your tribe 
  • Explore your amazing mind 
  • Set realistic goals aligned to your values 
  • Access guidance share wisdom 
  • Build a personal toolkit for coping 


Serena Nathan is a counsellor who has a special interest in women with ADHD. She has a Master of Counselling from the University of Notre Dame and personal ADHD experience (herself and family). Serena prioritises authentic connection, always going that little bit deeper, and compassionate understanding of the ups, downs, and drama of being a neurodivergent woman. 


This event is open to women interested in understanding ADHD. Let’s come together to celebrate the strength and resilience of women with ADHD, empowering each other to thrive in all aspects of life. (ADHD Diagnosis not Required)

For further information, don’t hesitate to reach out at info@whws.org.au

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