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ADHD in Women

ADHD In Women
A Journey of Empowerment and Understanding

We are excited to invite you to a special morning dedicated to shedding light on ADHD in women. This event aims to create awareness, foster understanding, and build a supportive community for all women affected by ADHD, as well as their loved ones. Come and join us for a morning of insightful discussions and strategies for empowerment.

Join ADHD experts Dr Jason Brown, PhD, and Matt Miller, as they draw on their clinical expertise in this area to explore a range of ADHD-related issues including:

  • What is ADHD?
  • How ADHD may show up differently in females vs males;
  • Executive function and ADHD
  • How ADHD is diagnosed in adult life;
  • Positives and challenges (including cognitive and mental health challenges) of living with ADHD.
  • The intersection of trauma and ADHD

Date: Friday, 27th of October   

Time: 10 am – 12.30 pm

Where: Mills Park Centre, 86 Brixton Street, Beckenham.

Light Refreshments: Enjoy a delightful selection of morning tea treats as we engage in meaningful conversations and build connections.

  • Increased awareness and understanding of ADHD in women
  • Increased understanding of the challenges and gifts of living with ADHD
  • A sense of community with other women who have, or think they have ADHD, or support people who do.
  • Increased awareness of how ADHD is diagnosed in adults and what supports are available
  • Increased understanding between the links between trauma and ADHD

Dr Jason Brown PhD, PGDipClinPsych, Director of Perth Adult ADHD Clinic & Clinical Psychologist

Dr Brown has worked in Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East, and has an interest in adult ADHD, having completed a Ph.D. and published/presented in this area. He has been trained to apply cognitive-behavioural therapy to this population by Rostain and Ramsay (University of Pennsylvania) and renowned adult ADHD Coach Lisa Tuttle.

Jason also provides trainings to clinicians in the Private and Public Health/Corrections sectors on working with adults with ADHD. He also has substantial experience working in general adult mental health, and is particularly experienced in delivering schema therapy and EMDR to people with personality disorders and/or Complex PTSD.

Complex diagnostic assessments represent a further area of interest, and Jason also enjoys working cross-culturally and has presented at international conferences on topics, including modifying CBT for use with people of Arab background.


Matt MillerRegistered Psychologist (BSc Psych, PGDip PsychRehab, GDip Education) specialising in ADHD. 

Matt Miller is not published… and he certainly is not the world’s leading expert on wellbeing. However, he is a person who likes to understand his clients and work on their goals. Matt believes that while it is important to work on any challenges and so-called deficits related to any mental health challenges (not just ADHD!), ample focus also needs to be given to the strengths of the individual – what do they bring to the table that can be enhanced and used to assist their deficits?

Matt comes from an athlete background, loving baseball as a kid and road cycling as an adult, using exercise to moderate his restlessness.

Apart from being active, Matt did not know what he wanted to do for a job… he chose Psychology as he thought it would be around the score he thought he may achieve in his TEE exams!

Alas… It was… and here he is now! Matt honed his passion for supporting others via a history of working within injury management consulting, organisational wellbeing, individual and EAP focused therapy, vocational transition services, and school psychology, alongside managing wellbeing services across the state for a large NGO.

It wasn’t until Matt had children that his ADHD was ‘unearthed’ – gaining a diagnosis as an Adult (in his 40’s). It appears that the change of priorities significantly altered the landscape of work, exercise, and constantly being ‘busy’ with activity – causing him to have to pause (so to speak) and for his ADHD traits and symptoms to become ‘unmasked’. Yes, he is disorganised, gets distracted by his own thinking, can’t initiate writing reports without time pressure… yet he has been able to complete study (reading everything three times!), hold down jobs (while never feeling on top of things), maintain self-employment (with a bit of help), and remain attending to relationships. It hasn’t come without a few setbacks, yet he wouldn’t change it and Matt loves being a Psychologist with a lived experience of ADHD.


This event is open to everyone interested in understanding ADHD in women. Let’s come together to celebrate the strength and resilience of women with ADHD, empowering each other to thrive in all aspects of life. 

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